This chaos can show up in your everyday work life in your thoughts about people you work with, your thoughts about your own self-worth, and the value you bring in your professional role. We are all leaders of our own personal journey. As a leader in business and in life, ZenLeader educates and inspires leaders to live by the philosophy, "Be the leader you would follow."

Leadership in business and in life should be an authentic representation of your character, but it often reflects an attainment of title, a salary level and/or another label that we carry to validate our personal self.

Our ZenLeader curriculum combines customized virtual and hands-on programs, delivered on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis, that shape leaders to become more self-aware in education, business and in life to feel more fulfilled in their current role with a positive, clear vision of future growth at your organization.

From a business perspective, our educational approach serves to enhance skills and capabilities both needed and relevant in the professional realm through data analysis and execution of a vision to maximize strengths, close performance gaps, create growth and improve the overall employee experience.

Classroom Curriculum May Include:

Leadership Coaching: Best practice sharing and discussions on strategies leaders are using to effectively coach and develop their staff to improve organizational performance.

Goal Setting Exercises: Hands-on activities to help leaders feel comfortable with strategies on performance goal setting and accountability while keeping the best interest of the employee at the forefront.

Data Analytics: Instruction for leaders on how to best utilize, aggregate and optimize organizational data to diagnose pressing challenges, improve employee performance, and close overall professional development gaps.



Classroom Content Delivery Methods

  • Onsite curriculum delivery at your preferred location (Monthly, Quarterly, Annually)
  • Web-ex sessions including focused pieces of material, worksheets, guest experts
  • Individual development plan and reporting
  • 1:1 Virtual Leadership Development Coaching
  • Virtual Group Coaching
  • Digital Mentorship Platform
  • Online Community Forum via LinkedIn

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