Thank you so much for taking the time to present ZenLeader to our BC Women Innovators Network on Monday evening! I really loved hearing from you and loved the event. I’ve been using your breathing tips a LOT in the past few days and they have helped me to feel entirely more centered.
— EMMA, Boston College

Jodi’s ZenLeader presentation was so great! Her insight into the issues we all have to deal with is spot on, and her strategies were so easy to understand, but seem like they will really be effective. I was so impressed with her in general, and the fact that she could so clearly convey all that she did in just an hour! Thank you so much for arranging this!
— Susan, Community First Solutions

Jodi Ashbrook is an awesome coach. She is very kind, patient and encouraging. She helped me when I started working with the University of Phoenix and gave me so many insightful tips. I was very sad when she moved on to another campus, but I knew she was destined for greatness!
— Pam

The time I had Jodi as a mentor was some of the best I have had. I learned under her guidance what a true leader was. She took a genuine interest in me and what my goals within life and the company we worked for were. She helped me with a plan of action to get my goals accomplished as well as enhancing and teaching management skill I would need in that future. The work we did together helped me to not only complete a leadership program but allowed me to be confident and competent in a team lead position which was a position I gained after the work we did together. Jodi's ability to lead and teach others to lead was uncanny. She really catered to what I would need to reach my goals. The value of time spent with Jodi is beyond something I could have gained in a semester of school. She mentored not only by words but by actions. She was always an example that to this day I look up to. While she was very busy with her daily management tasks when it came to our mentoring time I never felt rushed or unheard. Her focus was solely on me and the tasks at hand in helping me reach the goals I set. She has taught me many lessons that I use even to this day.
— Christine

I have had the pleasure of having Jodi as a mentor since 2012. Her approach to coaching is so powerful,
you are guaranteed to part from a one on one feeling on fire and ready to conquer life. She has a unique approach in which she helps individuals understand what is holding them back in a deeper level. This understanding empowers one to overcome fear, set goals, and make a plan to achieve them. I always loved having my one on one time with Jodi because it is not often you meet with someone who listens so intently. She truly cares about your success, and you leave her with feelings of clarity, optimism, and excitement.
— Kalyn